Copyright 2011 Jeff Garzik

AuthServiceProxy has the following improvements over python-jsonrpc’s ServiceProxy class:

  • HTTP connections persist for the life of the AuthServiceProxy object (if server supports HTTP/1.1)

  • sends protocol ‘version’, per JSON-RPC 1.1

  • sends proper, incrementing ‘id’

  • sends Basic HTTP authentication headers

  • parses all JSON numbers that look like floats as Decimal

  • uses standard Python json lib

Previous copyright, from python-jsonrpc/jsonrpc/

Copyright (c) 2007 Jan-Klaas Kollhof

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class, service_name=None, timeout=30, connection=None)[source]

Bases: object


Batch RPC call. Pass array of arrays: [ [ “method”, params… ], … ] Returns array of results.[source]

Bases: Exception