How to connect Bitcoinlib to a Bcoin node

Bcoin is a full bitcoin node implementation, which can be used to parse the blockchain, send transactions and run a wallet. With a Bcoin node you can retrieve transaction and utxo information for specific addresses, this is not easily possible with a Bitcoind node. So if you want to use Bitcoinlib with a wallet and not be dependant on external providers the best option is to run a local Bcoin node.

Install Bcoin node

You can find some instructions on how to install a bcoin node on

There are also some Docker images available. We have created a Docker image with the most optimal settings for bitcoinlib. You can install them with the following command.

docker pull blocksmurfer/bcoin

Use Bcoin node with Bitcoinlib

To use Bcoin with bitcoinlib add the credentials to the providers.json configuration file in the .bitcoinlib directory.

"bcoin": {
    "provider": "bcoin",
    "network": "bitcoin",
    "client_class": "BcoinClient",
    "provider_coin_id": "",
    "url": "https://user:pass@localhost:8332/",
    "api_key": "",
    "priority": 20,
    "denominator": 100000000,
    "network_overrides": null

You can increase the priority so the Service object always connects to the Bcoin node first.